Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heading for the airport

in a few hours to pick up a visitor.
A good friend and fellow sighthound lover is coming over for a two week visit.
It will be fun showing her around, doing DC, Cape May, Gettysburg and all the other nice places we can visit here.
In a way I still feel like a tourist when we get in the car and drive around, so it should be no problem to find nice spots and sights to see.

Just wish it wouldn't rain today.
I mean, we needed the rain, bad! But why today?
Yesterday would have been perfect also?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little list of things that I never had, had heard, done or had seen in the Netherlands

  • 4 pair of shorts and still wondering if I should get another pair 
  • (has to do with the first one) haven't worn jeans since May
  • followed by tanned legs!
  • ground hogs

  • bald eagles
  • squirrels racing through my garden
  • flash flooding
  • tornado warnings
  • more than one snowstorm in a winter
  • bear sightings in the neighborhood
  • having a campfire on a cool fall evening
  • turkey at Thanksgiving
  • dressing up at halloween
  • two lunch dates in a week
  • going out for breakfast
  • humming birds 

  • above ground wires everywhere
  • which leads to totally mutilated trees to prevent power outages
  • personalized license plates

  • a starting business
  • always having your groceries bagged at the store
  • a garden bigger than the house
  • motor bikers not wearing a helmet
  • so many people texting, calling and driving at once
  • a church on every other corner
  • with huge billboards on the roadside
  • being called 'hun' or 'sweety'  by waitresses
  • restaurants that don't have a liquor license
  • separate shops for beer/soda's and wine/liquor
  • cheese on my french fries
  • free refills for soda
and many many more.
Life is different here and I do like it, can you tell?