Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warning, it's a dogblog!

And it shouldn't be a surprise for people who know me.
After all, they have seen the updates on Facebook and have been sending well wishes for the dog going to the vet at that particular moment.
For almost 2 months now we have been regulars at the vet and I am guessing it won't be long before we get the invitation to an open house for their French vacation chalet. We probably supported enough for all the plumbing to be done by now.
I 'am'  joking, but only a bit, for the last 2 months we had to visit the vet at least once a week and it all started with Johnny who seemed to have a bit of an incontinence problem. Long story short, he reacted very bad to the medication and it is only thanks to a prior experience with one of my galgo's that he got away with ' just'  seizures. For the people who want to know what medication it is that sighthounds can react bad to, specially if they have high blood pressure, it is Phenylpropanolamine. Also known as PPA and given often to dogs that suffer from spay incontinence.
Johnny has had two seizures now and is on medication, for both the seizures and his bloodpressure.
In the meantime, both girls have been vaccinated and Sunday night Tex suddenly had an episode  in which he totally freaked out, panicked and somehow got his front leg in the air vent. Several x-rays later he is now sporting a nice big bandage and his muzzle to keep him from chewing and licking. 

One of our kitchen cabinets now has been taken over by medication for all dogs and the stuff I am using to get my own health back to where it should be and a huge jar of peanut butter. Johnny alone gets 11 pills in 24 hours.
Add to that the peanut butter it takes for him to wswallow them down, you might be able to imagine the paint peeling farts we have to endure these days.
And lets be honest, greyhound farts aren't known to smell like roses to start with.

But, that is life with senior dogs, Tex is 13 now, Johnny is 10 and Paquita turns 9 this month.
Compared to them, Cara is still a baby at around 4 years old.

Speaking of which, her pictures are selling better and better and not just that, we've been donating her prints for several auctions and they are doing very nice in bringing in bids for greyhound and galgo causes.
From tomorrow on you can bid on one of them in an auction to benefit Dr. Cauto's bone cancer in greyhounds  research. More information can be found here: http://darcyswebparty.proboards.com/

If you are interested in buying one of my pictures, check them out at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/petrapostma/   

I'll leave you with a Little White Monster picture and am off to put on a sweater since Spring seems to have trouble finding us.