Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its here, its here!

Today it was finally ready.
A project that I have been working on for quite a while now.
It was scary, nerve wrecking and totally went against my Dutch nature that told me it would never work.
How dare I think that people were waiting for this.
But…I was asked to do it, more then once.
And so without further ado, here it is…

Friday, September 9, 2011

And after Irene we met Lee...

While big parts of the US are still recovering from Irene, Lee came over for a visit.
And boy, is he overstaying his welcome.
He started Sunday night with rain and it hardly stopped raining until since.
Being Dutch I thought I was used to a bit of rain, but this is a bit much, even for me.

But first let me tell you, with Irene we got lucky, we had some wind, some rain, but nothing really bad, unlike a big part of the east coast. Devastating floodings in which people lost their lives, their homes, the places they earned money.

And now Lee showed up, with lots, lots of rain.
This time we aren't getting away that easy. Nothing really bad, but Lehto and Lee don't get along.
Lehto wants to go outside and play and run, but Lee won't let him.
Because, and you may not know this, 21 week old galgo's do melt in the rain.
And you better believe it, because there is no way you are going to ignore his pathetic little yelps when his earsies get wet. Or the crazy run through the house after which he tries to dry his ears by first rubbing them with his feet and if that doesn't help, rub them on the carpet.
I must say, he is getting better though after day 4 of constant rain. Whats not getting better is his behavior.
He just wants to go out, play, run, chase rabbits. And since that won't work, he pesters his sister Paquita.
Tries to eat my plants, my oven mitt, my hands and every single piece of paper he can find.

Oh, and we have some leakage, yes, also from Lehto , but also in our living room.
Its not as bad as it was 2 years ago, we had that repaired, but its at the same spot. There is a new ring appearing in the ceiling and the drywall feels damp.
In June of this year we had golfball sized hail and I am thinking this might be the culprit. After the hailstorm we saw signs showing up in the neighborhood, all from roofing companies. So after asking a few questions we found out that some people were getting a new roof. Long story short, we are getting one also, like almost 60% of our neighbors. The adjuster from our insurance had no doubt, we needed all the shingles replaced, the gutters, and also the siding on the back of the house.
Right now we are waiting for that. And I guess we will have to get some drywall and ceiling repaired also.

And we are the lucky ones, not far from us 10.000 people are evacuated, many are flooded and it looks like there will be problems with drinking water. Roads are blocked and the Turnpike is closed.

Am really glad we are on a mountainside and it is supposed to stop raining tomorrow…

Just hope Maria and Nate don't decide to drop in also.