Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaken…not stirred

You probably already heard it on the news.
But 24 hours ago a huge part of the US East coast trembled and shook.
The biggest and most wide felt earthquake on the East coast for more then 100 years.
For the people in DC and New York this was a more then rare event.

And it certainly wasn't something I expected when I moved here.
In the time Jack and I only talked though the internet or on the phone, he assured me that hardly anything happens over here. Worst case would be a storm or so much snow that we wouldn't have power for a while.

Well…we rarely lose power.

But within the almost 2 years we live here, we had 3 earth quakes, several snowstorms, a hailstorm last June, so bad, we need our roof replaced and new siding on the back of our house.
We had a tornado touchdown and spent several hours in our basement with 3 dogs because of that.
That whole week we had tornado warnings and are now drilled on how to react to that.
Our garden flooded twice this year because of flash floods.
And yippie, we are supposed to get a visit from hurricane Irene coming weekend.

Nah….nothing ever happens here.

Yesterdays earth quake was scary, it only lasted for 20 to 30 seconds, but it felt like there was a big truck driving through our house.
It really is a scary to feel the earth under you move and the whole house shake. For a moment I was scared my computer screen would fall over and our new puppy (I'll be blogging about him soon) came running to see what was going on.

And we were miles and miles away from the epicenter.
But, other then in other area's around here, earthquakes are not uncommon in this area.
Dillsburg is supposedly on a small fault and we get minor quakes now and then.
And I don't like them.
You can't prepare for them, they suddenly happen unlike tornado's or severe thunderstorms.

For those we get warnings on our local tv stations. And after the tornado touch down in Dillsburg, I do pay attention to those warnings.

Anyway, nothing ever happens in Dillsburg…