Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Together

Since our last visit in February we both have had a roller coaster ride in our lives that at some points had us wondering if our summer plans together would work out or not. Probably the biggest hurdle was one that was out of our control....the rising cost of travel due to fuel prices rising so fast. Eeeks, it has been amazing but the trip for the summer is booked and we will be spending almost an entire month together. Whoopeeeeeee!!!

I don't think I could have survived if we were unable to be together this summer.

While we will have several days that will just be very normal and routine, we also will do lots of things that will be new and I hope interesting to Petra and her son.

Shortly after they arrive we will be taking one week and going to one of my favorite places, Cape May, New Jersey. Cape May is actually an island at the very southern tip of the state and since it sticks out into the Atlantic ocean you get views of the water in both the east and the west so you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the water.

Cape May is the oldest seashore resort in the US, founded in 1620 and becoming a holiday destination starting in 1761. It reached it's most popular point during the Victorian era and still today the town is full of hundreds of Victorian cottages that are carefully preserved. While many americans prefer going to the shore locations that are full of modern hotels and condos, Cape May is like stepping back in time. While parts of the town have been developed in recent years with typical modern buildings, the local government passed rules on any future building that requires it keep in the Victorian style. I can't wait for Petra to get her camera out and capture some of the sights.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Need good thoughts

this morning I sent my resume out for an office job.
For the first time I am being coached by someone who believes I developed my self by being a volunteer for GINN.
The job is close and part time, which would give me time to do some courses also.

I am so exited I could dance.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last year

it was hornets, now it is Poison Ivy.
For some reason I am getting the feeling gardening isn't really Jacks thing.
Another clue was the mower parked half under the deck in February, covered with a nice layer of snow.
Still, when I am with him on the phone, he often has been in the garden, mowing or taking out weeds. This weekend he had been removing the Poison Ivy, telling me after that he hardly ever got a reaction to it.
Well, he did this time.
Yesterday when we talked he went crazy because of the itch.
Must be nice stuff...
We don't know it over here.

I am not much of a gardener either, have never really gotten into it.
But with my Dad who worked in flowers and gardens all his life and sisters who love their gardens, vegetables or flowers, I did pick up on a few things.
And since a year I am actually having fun doing stuff in my little yard.
Talking to Jack about that, it turns out he really enjoys a beautiful garden, but is just lacking ideas.
So we decided to team up and start thinking about what to do with the garden.
The garden has a nice size, not as huge as most I have seen over there.
It might turn out to be perfect for a couple of beginners like us.
One plant we both would like to see in it is this one. Should be ok near the stream.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It looks like...

I will be the only one writing for some time.
Jack is way to busy and is exhausted when he comes home.
We find that he sometimes even is too tired to talk.
So now we are feeling the disadvantages of being so far apart a lot worse than we did ever before.
Besides calling and the computer, there is no way to be there for each other if the other one needs it and that is tough.
Constantly we are reminding each other of the fact that this won't last and things are changing. But right now every day seems to drag on and on.

Summer seems so far ahead that I hardly can believe that is is going to happen.
But it is only 6 weeks before my son leaves this school.
For him it is a special year, he is going to another school after the summer vacation and will be doing a big step towards adulthood.
He is really looking forward to spending the summer in the US, so I hope we can make it happen.

It is weird, so much is happening around us. We both are terribly busy and still we have the feeling our life together is on a hold for the moment.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hi there

Yes, we're still around.
Jack is working really hard and hardly has time to breath and me?
Well, I am enjoying the amazing weather we are having these days.
Actually getting a tan by walking my fosterdog and Paquita.
The foster turns out to be a very happy girl and is keeping us busy here.