Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus

Yes we have been busy. Not just work but getting ready for Petra's trip this next Sunday. I can't wait.
Besides cleaning the house so I don't look like a total slob, I have been busy decorating. After spending the past few Christmas Holidays alone, I really got back into the spirit last year when I spent it with Petra and her son in the Netherlands. This year Petra will be here and I am really getting into it again.

I spent over 3 hours yesterday running around just picking up small things to help the decorating. Candles, holly branches, poinsettias, stockings etc. and I know I will think of a lot more I should get. Petra told me to decorate and then we will add the things that are ours once she is here. I am trying my best but I sure could use her touch on things.

I did find what I thought was a nice tree and put it up yesterday morning so the biggest part is done. What is so great about this is that we both love this time of year and enjoy making it special and creating our own Holiday memories.

Happy Holidays to everyone who reads our blog.

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Anonymous said...

looks really gezellig, Jack! have a wonderful time together!