Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hot coals

I feel like I am sitting on them.
Why? Well, we sent out our application for the visa ( K1 )on the 30th of December and we should be getting our NOA1 any day now.
Too be honest, I am already starting to wonder if something went wrong because we know the package was delivered in Vermont only a few days into January.
Do I sound impatient? You bet!!!
That is the problem with Internet these days, there is so much information and it is so easy to find people who are doing the same thing at exactly the same time, that comparing situations is too easy.
Still, if it weren't for a few websites that we found, we never would have figured out where to start our journey.
The best site was this one:
It gives clear information and really helps to figure out things.
You also find a people there that go through the same process, which helps a lot, but, like in this case, makes me a bit nervous also.
Like the couple who sent in their package later, to the same place, but got their first Notice Of Action already.
Right now I feel like sending Jack out to his mailbox about 6 times a day.
(Don't worry, not doing it, but I sure would like to)

Just good that I don't have the time for that.
Think I owe you guys an explanation also for the fact that I don't write as much as I used to.
It is actually pretty simple, I am too busy these days.
Half way December I was given the chance to learn and work at the same time.
In the past I earned my money by cleaning but when I changed from being a stay at home Mom to being unemployed, I wanted more than the cleaning business and I was lucky enough to be given the chance.
Right now I am working and learning in an office for HR.
It is very challenging, exiting and also scary.
And by the time I get home I am glad if I find the energy to walk my doggies.
But...slowly I should be getting used to this and find the time to write for our blog again.

Because I do need to tell you about that time we went to Philadelphia and there was this explosion while we were on our way with AMTRAK...

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Anonymous said...

yes do tell! I'm always enjoying your blogs!
and by the way. it took my visa almost six months to get through and we had already been married for five years when we wanted to move (back )to Texas. But I had lived in Austyralia and they needed a lot of stuff before they sent the information the US Embassy needed.
Yes, we started in January 2004 and I had it by the first week of July.