Saturday, February 7, 2009

Silver lines to a bad day

And a bad day it has been.
But that is not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about the silver lines, or rather, the newspaper article that I read in todays paper when I had to wait in my vet's waiting room.

One of the nice things of going to my vet is that I can count on getting up to date with todays news. Being really honest, one of the worst things of not having a job, is having to go without a news paper. I used to spell every word, and when I get a chance, I will get totally lost in a paper on occasions like this.

Today I went a step further, I actually went out and bought it.
Why you ask? In todays edition they had a 2 page article about Philadelphia.
Pictures, maps and info on a place I visited only once, but totally fell in love with.
It talks about the Historic District, where Jack and I spend hours about the lines in front of Pat's King of Steak and Geno's steak. And I realize, I saw that, people standing in line around noon, long long lines for a Philly cheese steak.
It talks about Elfreth's Alley, a wonderful little street that takes you back to Ireland.
And in between all those words, it has this picture of those old, orange, yellow colored buildings and behind those the deep, dark blue new buildings of the inner city.
The first sky scrapers I ever saw.

It is hard to explain how you can fall in love with a city, how to let others know that you like the difference between the old and the new which is so apparent
in this town. How surprised I was by all the historic buildings and how well they are kept.
And how you will find little hints to the Netherlands on so many occasions.

For some funny reason it made me feel proud when I found out that the Netherlands was the first European country to have a consul in the US after the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Although...can someone tell me why it was J.H.C. Heineken?
Doesn't matter, we beat the French by a week.

But best of all to me was walking by the river. Philadelphia is a harbor close to the Atlantic. And I can't wait to go back and enjoy walking by the river.

For the rest, the article mentioned the great shopping opportunities.
Maybe we will get to that next time, just like the many museums. There is one that I absolutely want to go to.It is called the Mutter Museum. If you can stand it, more info can be found here: As they say, it is disturbingly informative.
Anyway, time for me to leave and find some pictures to add to this story.

For the people who want to know, the article can be found in Het Algemeen Dagblad of Saturday the 7th of Febr.


jack said...

There are lots of Americans very grateful to the Heineken family for reasons other than being the first cosul. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and great photo of the skyscrapers from the street


Anonymous said...

LOL and does that have anything to do with the beer maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys that looks like a fun trip. I have NEVER been to Philadelphia. Hard to believe as I have been pretty much everywhere!

Wonderful photos Petra I hope you got my note about The 99...