Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling quite fancy now

Cause I went out, for breakfast.
And I had 2 blueberry pancakes with syrup.

Which probably means I will have to repeat my 11 mile bikeride from yesterday. But it may have to wait until tomorrow, since a certain part of my anatomy is still sore from yesterdays ride.
You know, in itself 11 miles isn't that much, I used to do those on a daily base in the Netherlands.
But  I had 8 bikeless months and they have hills here.
And I finally understand why you would have so many gears, because you need them here.
Will take me while to get used to the uphill rides, they are hard, but than, I can use the work out.

Cause over here, they go out for lunch or breakfast.
And that is fun, certainly if a neighbor who you say hi to when she walks by suddenly asks you if you want to join them. Them being a group of ladies from the neighborhood.
I don't recall being invited like that in the Netherlands, ever.  Or being invited to go shopping by someone you just met.  And maybe it is just this neighborhood, but I am still surprised about how friendly everyone is here. It is not that people aren't friendly in the Netherlands, but people here seem more open and easier with contacting a new person in the neighborhood.
So, I went out for breakfast with 4 other ladies.

And now I am feeling quite fancy, since we didn't even think about doing that in the Netherlands.


B. said...

Yeah, people here are very generous and welcoming. It's an ongoing food exchange party ;-)

Kasaka said...

Laatst had ik spontaan een lunch met drie vrouwen uit de buurt. We kennen elkaar wel, maar doen niet veel samen. We kwamen elkaar tegen bij Whole Foods en voila, spontane lunch, erg leuk. Kan me voorstellen, dat zo'n onverwachts ontbijtje uit heel gezellig is. En versnellingen, ja, die heb je hier zeker nodig!