Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another snowday

They had warned us last night, from 8 am this morning we would be under a winterstorm warning.
These days we are taking that type of news with a grain of salt. Every big snowstorm you probably read about in the newspaper or saw on the news, totally missed our little spot in Pennsylvania.

It was clear that even my sons school thought this way. When we woke up at 6 am it was already snowing, but no phone call yet.

Things work a bit different here than we were used to in the Netherlands. Unless the weather was really extreme, you were supposed to show up at school, one way or the other.
Here we live in an area with hills (Jack calls them mountains), a lot of backroads and most kids take the school bus. Just like my son. And the school doesn't take any risks on the transport of the kids.
But before we got into our clothes, tv already announced closure of all schools in the York Northern school district and 10 minutes later the school called.
So that is snow day # 2. And yes, you guessed it, they will have to make up for it, probably at the beginning at their summer vacation.
During the day it honestly didn't look too bad, as you can see on the picture I took this afternoon. We may get more tonight, but I hope it won't be enough for another snow day.
But the trees in our backyard are already bending under their heavy load.

On another note, the picture on top may well have been one of the last pictures for a long time from my beloved D80. Since a few days it has shutter problems and I am fearing that soon it will need more than just a little shake to start working again. It is bad timing, the new camera won't be her for at least another month and I am not looking forward to that many weeks without my favorite camera.
The first time it had problems Jack told me I acted like someone who had stopped smoking.
It won't be that bad this time, I promise.
Because this time I have a few other things I need to focus on besides photography.

I need to study!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with our doctor to fill out the DL 180 form.
The form that will show that I am physically in good enough shape to drive a car. Yep, you are reading it right.
Moms, keep your children inside!
Because one of these days I will have to take my test to get a learners permit! Meaning I will be allowed to be on the road, with someone next to me, but still…

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Petra said...

You go girl!!!
Veel succes gewenst!