Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Met de billen bloot, or…coming clean

Think I need to, unless you don't want me to?

Oh, you do want to hear it? Well, only if you promise not to laugh. Really, don't.
I am so embarrassed by it, I should have known better.

Anyway, here we go.
In the 17 months we live here, I gained about a kilo a month. Around 35 pounds in total.
Totally fell into the trap that is called good food, a glass of wine and worst of all, no exercise.
Which is bad for someone like me, since I used to do everything on my bike, groceries, going to work, visit family. And besides that, I walked the dogs, 4 times a day for at least 30 to 45 minutes every walk and one of the walks would be more than an hour. And really, it is easier to eat healthy in the Netherlands than over here. Portions are bigger, a lot of food contains more sugar and or salt. And lets not forget the refills you get when eating out.

And yes, I was totally aware of this. Heck, I had to, at some point I didn't fit into my clothes anymore and we went shopping. Fitting clothes, while trying to avoid looking in the mirror.
A few months ago I got my membership to Planet Fitness and went there several times a week.
But somehow nothing happened. I still gained, a bit less fast, but still…

A few weeks ago I had my first doctors appointment. Over here you need a physical for your drivers permit. And found out I am being punished pretty hard for being overweight for about a year now.
After a blood test the doctor told me my body is totally out of whack. Blood pressure, liver, cholesterol, nothing as it should be.
I was more or less given the idea that there was no way this was the result of just 1.5 year of being like this.
Left the office wondering if I really was an alcohol or drug abuser that only ate fast food.
Soon an envelope with diet and other rules was found in our mailbox.

Basically it comes to this, avoid everything that comes from animals unless it is non-fat. Try to avoid any sugars and eat whole grains and lots of green vegetables.
Decided also to not have any alcohol and most of all, not take any painkillers for my arm.

Slowly it is starting to work.
The first pounds are gone. It was frustrating in the beginning, in the first week I even gained again, but now it is starting to work.
What helped a lot was changing my cardio work out, instead of using the treadmill, I am on the elliptical now.  Also found that I love strength training which is new to me since I used to like endurance.

In April I have to get back to the doctor to check my blood again. Hope to come back with a clean bill of health.
And one thing I know now, you don't have to be very overweight to have it be a very bad influence on your health. In my case, every pound more than 140 (63 kg) is a threat to my health.

So, there it is.

You can laugh now...


B. said...

Ik schrok wel van de aangevlogen kilo's zeg! Maar ik begrijp helemaal hoe dat zo komt. Het is hier echt oppassen geblazen, vooral ook in de winter als je al niet veel buiten komt en dus veel minder beweegt.
Gewoon geen grotere kleren meer kopen maar jezelf belonen met leuke nieuwe kleren in een kleinere maat telkens als er weer een kilo af is:-) Je kan het!

houndstooth said...

No laughter here! I know how hard it is. I lost a lot of weight several years ago after seeing my mom battling diabetes and double knee replacement. Then two years ago I went through an extremely stressful year. I don't think I'm eating that badly, but the stress makes it so hard to keep weight off! Keep at it, I'm sure you'll get your weight where you want it soon. I wish you lots of good luck!

Petra said...

Knap dat je met je billen bloot gaat!
Zet em op meid je kan het!