Monday, May 19, 2008

It looks like...

I will be the only one writing for some time.
Jack is way to busy and is exhausted when he comes home.
We find that he sometimes even is too tired to talk.
So now we are feeling the disadvantages of being so far apart a lot worse than we did ever before.
Besides calling and the computer, there is no way to be there for each other if the other one needs it and that is tough.
Constantly we are reminding each other of the fact that this won't last and things are changing. But right now every day seems to drag on and on.

Summer seems so far ahead that I hardly can believe that is is going to happen.
But it is only 6 weeks before my son leaves this school.
For him it is a special year, he is going to another school after the summer vacation and will be doing a big step towards adulthood.
He is really looking forward to spending the summer in the US, so I hope we can make it happen.

It is weird, so much is happening around us. We both are terribly busy and still we have the feeling our life together is on a hold for the moment.

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