Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last year

it was hornets, now it is Poison Ivy.
For some reason I am getting the feeling gardening isn't really Jacks thing.
Another clue was the mower parked half under the deck in February, covered with a nice layer of snow.
Still, when I am with him on the phone, he often has been in the garden, mowing or taking out weeds. This weekend he had been removing the Poison Ivy, telling me after that he hardly ever got a reaction to it.
Well, he did this time.
Yesterday when we talked he went crazy because of the itch.
Must be nice stuff...
We don't know it over here.

I am not much of a gardener either, have never really gotten into it.
But with my Dad who worked in flowers and gardens all his life and sisters who love their gardens, vegetables or flowers, I did pick up on a few things.
And since a year I am actually having fun doing stuff in my little yard.
Talking to Jack about that, it turns out he really enjoys a beautiful garden, but is just lacking ideas.
So we decided to team up and start thinking about what to do with the garden.
The garden has a nice size, not as huge as most I have seen over there.
It might turn out to be perfect for a couple of beginners like us.
One plant we both would like to see in it is this one. Should be ok near the stream.

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Anonymous said...

I am familiar with the poison ivy, never had the itch though! Like your first choice for the plant. Perhaps you could consider the trillium. Very easy to keep and appears every year again. It is the protected plant (in the wild) in Ont. Canada. Where I once lived, ages ago!