Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bagpipes and kilts

I know, I promised Jack, but when the chance presented itself, I couldn't look away.
Not that it helped much, I still don't know what they wear under their kilts.
But one of these days...

Yesterday I had a great day, with many thanks to my sister who didn't mind that I had to bring two dogs. The two of us went to the Celtic Midsummer Festival in Nieuweschans.
We both like the atmosphere that comes with these events that relates so much to the books we love.
Much to my shame I have to admit that I missed that we have a really good group of musicians over here that play old Dutch, Celtic and Irish folk music.
Even worse is that the rest of the Netherlands already knows and I don't.
But I 'm working on it, promise.
Just to make sure you will know them, here is: Rapalje!!!

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David said...

Hi Petra and Jack,

Glad to hear that you both enjoyed the Celtic Midsummer Festival.

As for what they wear under their kilt, well while I can't talk for everyone I can tell you that when asked over 80% of Scotsmen say they don't wear anything, other than their socks and shoes.

If you would like to see some photographic evidence of what is worn under the kilt, then please visit my web site at

Kind Regards,