Friday, July 4, 2008

Making lists

and already we are down to 10 days left.
And it is starting to show around the house. There are lists everywhere.
A list to make sure I don't end up with to many groceries in my fridge that will have to stay in there for 4 weeks. A list to make sure we have all the clothes we need, one for the paperwork like passports and permissions that we need to bring. Another one for the dogs and to make sure I go by the vet before. The list for the last food items for the rabbit and a bag of dogfood.
A list to make sure I buy the last items like toothpaste and shampoo.
Not that after writing the lists I will ever look at them, for me it is making them that makes me remember the things we need.

This trip feels different from the other ones because we will spend so much more time together. It also leaves my house empty longer and the feeling that everything should be taken care of is more urgent than other times.
Can't leave too much in the fridge because it will be able to walk by the time we get back...

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