Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dutch or English

Is this my last entry from over here? Quite possible, since from today on it will be busy, busy, busy.
I do have a question though or rather, I would like some opinions.
Up to now I wrote here in English, at least, I tried so that Jack could also read my entries and I could practice.

Sunday we will get on that plane and from than on I would like to write Dutch updates also, that way my parents can read it. Hmmm, it does mean I have to watch my language from than on.
Let me know if there are more people who would like an update in Dutch now and than.

As for the rest, I am busy packing.
Although, everything that goes with FedEx is in the boxes. It is amazing how easy you can decide on leaving things behind. Although I do find things now that I would have liked to bring, but tomorrow these 12 boxes will be picked up so they are closed now.
Keeping my fingers crossed here that the box, filled with Lego will stay in one piece and customs doesn't decide to open it up. Maybe I should have put the Lego in bags, but didn't think of that before.

Friday morning my furniture will be picked up by a second hand shop and Saturday the last stuff will be moved out.

This week I also picked up the info from our dentist, doctor and some other stuff.
Went to town hall to inform them of our immigration. And thus cutting our ties with this country.
Ever where I come they talk about how exiting it is and a huge step to start living in another country. Up to now I hadn't had that feeling yet but this week it suddenly is there.
Mainly because we had to let go of our health insurance over here and step into the US system and there we had my first culture shock.
And believe me, I am still shaking.
We will have insurance now, but not nearly the full coverage that is so normal over here and the costs are insane.
And honestly, that is the type of excitement I don't need.

Also on another item my nerves are having a hard time.
Both my dogs, will they fly with us or not, do we have to decide to leave them behind for about a month. It all depends on the temperatures this Sunday. Those need to be below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 29 degrees Celsius. And right now the temperatures fluctuates around 85 degrees, the magic number.

Ok, enough time wasted now on the computer, time to go back to packing and making decisions, LOL.
Maybe I will write another up date from here, maybe not, if so...
I'll see you from the other side.


Anonymous said...

For me english is ok, but maybe some people have problems with the english language, for example your parents!
But....when you are settled'n't forget the dutch language:lol:
I hope for you, that your dogs will travel with you together on the same flight!!
Lots of succes these last few days in Holland!!


Anonymous said...

Both languagues are fine for me Peet :-)
Last thing I heard the weather will be around 18 degrees celsius this weekend - on your behalf I really do hope little Cara and Paquita will be able to come with you!


Bibi said...

I kept two blogs for a while, one in English and one in Dutch. But I often needed to vent my frustration about certain things and people here and having them read it would not be in my best interest, so...I just continued in Dutch and quit the English blog, problem solved.
But whatever works for you!

Sue in the USA said...

I keep a Dutch blog. What Bibi said. It makes it easier to vent if you have to :-)
And of course there is my family too. They all speak English, but especially for my grandparents it would be so much easier to read updates in Dutch.

Sue in Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

Voor mij zou in het nederlands wel prettig zijn, ben altijd zó lang bezig met vertalen..
Kalm aan doen meis, deze laatste dagen hier en succes met alles!!


Anonymous said...

Het gaat helemaal goed komen zondag.
\Cara en \pietje mogen allebei mee wat ik je brom.

Ennuh Nederlands leest voor mij ietsie sneller. Maar aan de andere kant is Engels een goede oefening, \voor jou om geen nederlands te verleren kun je het ook in beide talen doen. en een beetje \duits erbij misschien?


Anonymous said...

whatver, as long as we get updates!! maar voro je ouders zou ik het beslsit in het NL doen, en dat blijft voor jou ook een goede oefening!
je ebnt er bijna.... héél veel geluk over there als ik je zniet meer "zie"!!


Anonymous said...

Maakt mij niet uit Peet, ik kan ze allebei lezen amar voor je ouders lijkt het me zeker fijn wat updates in Nederlands


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I guess I'm the only English-only reader :-).