Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, after much consideration, we decided to use FedEx to send over most of our stuff.
It seemed insane to get a container or a moving company for the few things that we will bring and than pay around 3000 euro's for it, but slowly I am starting to wonder if it wouldn't have been worth the money just to reduce stress.
LOL, off course I can do this, but we are dealing with the Dutch and US offices right now and they are giving us conflicting information.


So, now that I let that go, it is time for coffee so I can think things through.
Already mailed back to the Dutch office that the forms they sent me are so different from what I got from the US that I am wondering if it all will be ok.
I mean, before you know it you have to pay a lot of tax when the stuff crosses the border and since we are moving, it is all my own and not for sale or something.
Now the Dutch part wants me to write down every single piece of clothing I put in there, determine what fabric it is, what color, size and men or womens clothing.

Weird, don't expect they want me to know that when I am at the border with my two suitcases.
Ma'am, what fabric are your boxershorts made off, and is it a man's boxer or a womans?
LOL, I think my coffee is working now.
So I am going to wake up my son, he can help packing and later get me some more
duct tape.

Thanks for listening...

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Bibi said...

?? wow, I used UPS and had a pallet with 20 boxes and a guitar case. A short description of the content of each box was sufficient, no problem whatso ever.