Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I should have

blogged about a lot of stuff.
We had a few very busy weeks and I have neglected our blog.
I could have written about:
-My families visit for over 3 weeks
-Our wedding
-Our visit to Cape May
-How I suddenly felt the earth open under me and I still have nightmares about it
-How I finally seem to find my way around here
-How even the day before thanksgiving people stay polite in the markets
-Visiting towns like Intercourse, Bird in Hand and how we got some waves from a few Amish
-The fact my son got his first leather cowboyhat
-And how we both dressed up for Halloween
-We have a real soap opera in our garden with the squirrels and birds since we put up feeders
-I really was shocked to find out Sinterklaas already arrived in the Netherlands and I still can't believe it is November
But...I will have to get back on you for those.
For now I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow we will cook our first turkey together and I am still figuring out how to fit it into the oven.
And we are having pumpkinpie. Never thought I would like it, but I do and also sweet potatoes, yummie!

Anyway, I will get back to you guys soon with all kind of stories.
But for now, we are celebrating everything we are grateful for tomorrow.
And believe me if I say I have a lot to celebrate tomorrow,

Happy Thanksgiving.

Edited to add a picture of the turkey Jack cooked.
It tasted really good.
Now we have to find out what to do with the left overs.


houndstooth said...

I hope your first Thanksgiving together was a nice one! The first time my stepmom made turkey for all of her family and my dad's family, the turkey caught on fire and my uncle videotaped the flaming bird coming out of the oven! Hopefully nothing that happened to you today was worse than that! ;)

Petra said...

It was nice, thank you.
Hope you had a good day also?
I added a picture of the turkey, it may be a bit dark, but it tasted good.

Wow, a burning turkey :-))

Anonymous said...

have a great turkey-day!
Isn't it wonderful, a whole country expressing their gratitude? I like it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving dan! :-)


B. said...

Wat hebben jullie ontzettend veel gedaan, leuk dat je ook in Amish country bent geweest;-) en ik ben ook benieuwd naar jullie Helloween kostuums;-)

houndstooth said...

As long as the turkey tasted good, that's what matters! The burning turkey was eleven years ago and my stepmom still hears about it.