Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa drives a Toyota

And if you don't believe me, here's proof.
We spotted him in November around Harrisburg on the highway. First thought was:"Anyone can get a plate like that".So we decided to check out the driver. Unfortunately I don't have a picture from him, but believe me, it was Santa.

I probably needed this wake up call, since I had more or less my doubts that this younger nephew of our Sinterklaas was for real. But there he was, in his pre-December clothes, driving this bright red Toyota. What more proof does one need.

And how convenient, since we didn't want to ask Sinterklaas to come all the way to the States, we can easily swap him for Santa. Lets just hope we will be forgiven for preparing for X-mas before Sinterklaas left the Netherlands.

Yesterday we took of the Thanksgiving decorations and started out Christmas decorations. We aren't done yet.
A few power cords need to be replaced for proper outdoor stuff en we don't have a wreath yet for the frontdoor. But we are getting there.

The whole street here looks like a fairytale. Sunday the weather was so nice, most people were taking advantage and started decorating in their t-shirts
Quite a difference from today since there was ice on the car this morning.

Well, we are almost done and hope to get our tree this weekend.Which will look nice next to the fire place that we had burning for the last two nights.
LOL, we actually may get some snow this weekend.

All that is missing than is eggnog, and that is easily fixed.


houndstooth said...

Wow! I had no idea Santa had such sporty taste! He drives a pretty nice car.

Your house looks beautiful! Enjoy the holidays!

Cisca said...

Hi Peet,

Wat leuk dat je bij mij een reatie achterliet!
Jullie wonen helemaal niet zover bij ons vandaan, we gaan regelmatig bij jullie in de buurt kamperen, bijvoorbeeld in Gifford Pinchot State Park.

Wij gaan bijna met onze holiday decorations beginnen, maar ik vind altijd dat ik tot na Sinterklaas moet wachten... ;-)