Monday, March 22, 2010

Things done

since my last blog:

  • Visited the Antique Auto Museum at Hersey
  • We went to see  Paula Poundstone in York 
  • Enjoyed the gorgeous weather we are having, like over 20 degrees Celsius 
  • Got a tan
  • Took several nice walks
  • Went out to lunch a few times
  • Practiced Photography
  • Went to class and enjoyed it very much
  • Got a new window in the car
  • More golf practice for my son
  • Took long walks
  • Sowed sunflowers and Columbines to plant in the garden later
  • Planted perennials in front of the house
  • Thought through our plans for fencing in the backyard (hopefully up next month)
  • Made a long, long what to do list
  • Bought curtains for my sons bedroom but haven't hanged them yet
  • Went to get my social security number which I could pick up today, but have class tonight
  • Had to get new t-shirts because thanks to, amongst other things, the lunches, my waistline is gone. Waistline? What waistline? Did I ever have a waistline?
  • Decided that selling my pictures might be a good idea
  • Than decided that that last thing is very scary, who would buy them?
  • Am still liking my not so new anymore Dyson
and lots more…….
    Also, for the people who follow it. 
    Last week my Green Card arrived, so from now on I am official a resident of the US.
    But…no word on my sons application yet.
    We got a RFE (request for more evidence) thanks to a slip up I made on one of his papers.
    When writing the date on something, I always have to think twice, since here it is the month first, than the day. I must have missed once….
    In spite of writing it the right way several other times and the fact there was a copy of his passport with all these papers, they wanted a new birth certificate and a translation.
    They must have received those last Friday, so for now we have everything crossed in hope they will send him his card very soon.


    Received an e-mail, minutes ago,  from the  USCIS that my sons card production was ordered!!!

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    houndstooth said...

    Wow! You've been busy! I'm tired just reading it all. I'm glad you are now official! ;)