Friday, March 5, 2010

With much happiness

I present to you our newest addition to our household.
You may remember this blog entry
Well, this week there came an end to my agony with the arrival of this sweety:
And believe me, she is what her name says, an Animal.
She gets anything that is in her way and doesn't need to be lifted onto every carpet but hops on and proceeds her way like it is nothing.
She will go any way you want her to go, rounds corners like a pro and is able to dive under the couch.
She doesn't flip over and tries to bite my ankles but keeps herself upright like a real lady.

And she is even pretty to look at.

Yep, she is a stayer. We officially adopted her.

There is one down side to it...
I have absolutely no excuse anymore for doghair flying all over the place.


houndstooth said...

Oh, those Dysons are the BEST! Congratulations!

B. said...

Van harte:-) Ik zie deze steeds in de reklame, mooi dat ie het zo goed doet.