Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My day couldn't have started better

Usually when I open my mailbox and find a message that says "Congratulations",  I hit the Spam button without opening it.
Not this time, this message came from PennCamera and I had entered one of my pictures in a photo contest.
It was a pet photo contest and since most of my pictures are pet related, I thought I would give it a try.
Not with much hope, since you had to get people to vote and I don't know that many people.
And besides, I never win anyway…

Not this time, my picture of Cara won first prize!

A brand new Olympus EP-L1 camera. Who would have thought that? Now to figure out what the closest shop is. They don't have one close to here so we'll have to figure out what the closest one is and plan a trip.


B. said...

Congratulations! Love the picture!

Petra said...

Congratulations! It is a beautiful picture.

Mary Ann said...

Your picture is gorgeous and I was so glad you won because I just love the colors and the expression on your dog's face. Congratulations!

IHeartDogs said...

Wow, what an awesome prize. Congrats! I've been reading for awhile but never commented.
The Pen sounds pretty cool.

You're so talented and totally deserving of first place! I guess the LWM gets an extra cookie today.

I'm also on greytalk :)

Anonymous said...

Like a prinses, so beautiful..

Petra said...

Thanks everyone.
Yep, the little White Monster got her extra cookie today.