Thursday, December 6, 2007

De donkere dagen voor kerst

The dark days before Christmas.

And my son asks me if I am going insane. I have candles burning as soon as it gets dark.
Which is early because it has been raining here for weeks. At least that is how it feels. On Dec. the 1st I put snowflakes on our windows. A small Santa is guarding my books and a picture of my son is wearing a Santa hat.
Not just that, I found a radio station that is broadcasting Christmas songs.
And I am singing along.

I know, it sounds tacky and it is way too early.
Not just that, for many people it is just not done to like the whole Christmas thing. It is so ordinary.
Well, I just don't care anymore.
I like decorating the house for this time of the year, can't wait until the tree, a real one, is in my living room and I will enjoy every moment it is there.

And this year I don't have to hold back.
There is someone else to share it with.
In two weeks Jack will be here to start laughing (or crying) when I start singing with the radio.
And I can't wait to be together for Christmas.

1 comment:

Laura said...

lol - I can imagine you singing: "all I need for christmas is yooouuhooooeeee"

I'm happy for you that it's almost time to go to the airport and pick Jack up. ;-)