Friday, December 14, 2007

I Got To Play Santa Today.

This afternoon after a long busy week a fellow that works in the office came running onto my office in a panic and told me I had to do him a favor. He was going to transfer a phone call over to me and I had to play Santa Claus. As he runs back out I shout "What?????"
The phone rings and I pick it up and in the deepest voice I can manage I say "Hello?"

On the other end of the line I hear the scared voice of a little boy.

"Santa, this is ---------, Mom and I just moved and I was afraid you don't know where we live now. Mom said you did but I wasn't sure"

"HoHoHo, Oh yes I know exactly where you live. I have your new address right here in front of me and I plan on visiting you on Christmas Eve" You make sure you get to bed early so I can visit"

"Oh yes Santa I will go to bed early. Mom and I are going to watch a movie but that won't take long."

"HoHo, good and do you think you might be able to leave me a couple of cookies to eat when I get there?"

"Oh yes Santa, and a glass of milk."

"Oh wonderful. Well don't you worry. I will be there on Christmas Eve."

"OK" and then in a whisper...."And Santa? Can I tell you what I want?"

"Oh sure you can."

"I want a kite. One of those square ones."

"Oh my, that is a wonderful gift. I have it written down. I will be there in just a few days."

"OK Santa. Thank you. Bye bye,"

I have to say, after I hung up the phone, I felt pretty good. I just hope his Mom got him that kite. LOL


Petra said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, that is really something for you. Bet you loved it.
LOL, you had to ask for cookies, didn't you?

Laura said...

Hi Jack, this brings little tears to my eyes... So sweet!!

Imagining you speak with an extreme low voice and saying HoHoHo makes me laugh by the way, so it's all well balanced...