Monday, June 30, 2008

And than there were...15

finally it feels like it is going fast now.
Must be because the little princess is keeping me busy.
School for my son has ended and he is spending this week with his Dad. And it was time for school to end. The poor kid was so tired, they had so many activities. He couldn't keep up without getting into a bad mood anymore. Next week he will be home and we can start preparing for our trip.
Not that he will like it, it will mean buying shorts and footwear. That will be one spoiled day. But at least we won't have to go to the city for it, we have a wonderful camping shop here that sells great footwear for the summer and I have already found some that he will have to get. He just won't like them, since it isn't like his normal pair of sneakers. Nothing harder than to get a young boy out of his normal clothes.

Last week his Dad signed the permission for him to go again. He never makes a point of it, but it keeps being a pain to have to ask and be grateful every time to take your own kid with you to where you want.
But not doing it is no option, if immigration is asking for the permission and you can't show, you are lucky if you are only sent back.
And the risk of them asking is getting bigger every time.
He is officially taller than I am now and is really becoming his own person. And he doesn't look like me or his Dad anymore.

The little princess is doing fine, she is very playful, which Paquita likes a lot.
And also she is housebroken now, which is hardly ever a problem with these dogs, they just have to get the picture.
A small problem is going to be the fact that she developed separation anxiety pretty fast. We have to work on that the next two weeks.
For the rest she is sweet and loving to cuddle already.

Oh, and we are going to get summer temperatures this week, around 30 degrees, how is that for preparation?

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