Thursday, November 27, 2008


I did sign it!

Jack received the envelope and after he stopped laughing over that horrible picture, he could check the papers and off course saw that I did sign.

Oh well, when the journey continues similar things will happen again ;-)

In the meantime I have to tell you about this little gadget that jack brought over his last visit that I love now.
It is called the Magic jack and it allows me to call through my computer.
It isn't like those other internet services, but with this little gadget in your pocket, you can call the US and Canada from every pc all over the world for just 20 dollars a year.
Right now it is connected to my pc all the time meaning I can call all the time if I wanted to.
Now, I have my own, US phone number, local to the area Jack lives.
Meaning that people could call me also from that area without knowing they are connected with Europe.
Which was quite funny when it rang this week (yes, it rings like an old fashioned phone) and I, expecting to hear Jack on the other side, said hi in a rather intimate way.
The poor lady on the other side only wanted someone of the Jones family.
Guess I need to keep that in mind from now on.

But this thing is great, Jack has one also that he can take on travels when he goes abroad and keep in contact with the office if needed.
Also now I can call whenever I want without fearing huge phone bills since I am not restricted to calling his Magic Jack. When Jack would call my number from the office or from home, he would pay for a local call.
LOL, not sure if I am still making sense here.

It is a great little gadget which allows me to call some friends in the US and Canada also.
And by the time I move to the US, this little gadget will go to my parents so they don't need to worry about making expensive phone calls.

it has a neat light in it also

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Anonymous said...

wow, that is quite something!!!!
and... did you have at least a turkey sandwich yesterday???