Monday, April 20, 2009

And than the fun of spring suddenly ends

Was it only a week ago that I talked about the beauty of spring, how happy I was about the sunshine and how everything is in bloom?
Well, that ended one or two days later.
For, maybe the second time of my life, I suffer from hay fever.
And what a bad timing to get a sore throat, itching eyes, a cough and a stuffed head.

Must be an empathy thing, Jack has a pollen allergy problem also.
By the time we get over there, the season for that will just have started for him.

Anyway, we have started packing.
2 more days of work and school and than it off for 9 full days together.


Bibi said...

Lastig hoor, allergie, ik hoop dat jullie iets vinden dat helpt. Veel plezier samen!

Expatriate Games said...

I never heard of the sympathy allergy! Hope you guys have a great time!

All here is well enough, thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Oops, please delete that last one!

All here is good, thanks for dropping by. Hope you guys have a great time!