Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter or...miracles do happen

First of all, Happy Easter!
Hope everyone is enjoying these spring days. I sure am, did we have snowfall last year, this year we are in luck with sunshine and good temperatures.
The last few days I have seen lambs, foals and storks outside in the fields. Spring flowers are in full bloom here, trees are getting that hint of green over them.
Well, you get the picture.

And to make things even better, on my last day at work, before Easter break, I was offered a contract for a year.
My job situation, or rather the lack of having a real job was a big worry for me.
Lately I was on some kind of trial, payed through welfare, in a place to find out my abilities. This situation would soon stop and after that it was really unclear what would happen. There was talk about an education, but because of trouble with an hurt arm thanks to an accident I had, time ran out.
Not knowing how long it will take before we get our visa's I figured I would have to try to get cleaning work through the employment agency for those few months.
But to my surprise they offered me a contract for a year in the place I am now.
They know my situation, I get a chance to work and learn and get out this situation as much as I can.
LOL, who would have thought I would end up in an office environment and actually know what I am doing.
And the best more welfare!!!


Bibi said...

Gefeliciteerd! Dat is geweldig en ook een hele opluchting!
Groetjes uit Liberty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Peet, wat cool!


Anonymous said...

Hey that's great news! Congrats!