Monday, April 6, 2009

Am I That Predictable?

I am way past due in posting but I have a good excuse. I have been busy getting ready for Petra and her sons visit.

I have been doing the normal cleaning but also freshening up some parts of the house with a new coat of paint. I am odd in that I really like painting and find it very relaxing and it is always nice once you are done to stand back and see the results. Petra may find it strange that if she would like some painting done that I will be more than happy to do the job. LOL

The other thing that I have been doing is working in the yard and garden area. I have been planting flowers and bushes that will add color to our garden, hopefully some of them blooming when they are here.
The funny thing is that every time my neighbors see me hard at work in the yard they joke to me about it by saying, "You can tell Petra will be here soon, Jack is busy cleaning everything up." Eeeeks, I didn't know that I have become so predictable. LOL It's not like I ignore my garden or don't clean the house on a regular basis but I guess I do extra things that give me away. Well I have to say that I do enjoy it and it will be even more fun when we can plant our garden together.


Anonymous said...

how wonderful to be working on your future life together in this way, too - not just all that paperwork, but fresh paint and flowers, lovely!


expatriategames said...

Jack, I totally get the painting thing.