Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Balloons, cake and golfballs

Yesterday my son celebrated his 15th birthday. 
It must have felt strange to him that there were no visits from grandparents, uncles and aunts or nieces and nephews. 
Monday we went out to find some garlands and other stuff to decorate the house.
Unfortunately I couldn't find garlands in the way we are used to, but we found balloons and some banners that made the house look festive.

Some days earlier Jacks stepson had called and they would come over for dinner and bring a cake.
On request, chocolate, filled with chocolate and chocolate frosting. Notice a trend here?
Since I had wanted to make oliebollen, we now could use the deep fryer for french fries and wings.
An easy dinner, but very much enjoyed by everyone I think.
We had mayonnaise for the European part of the family, ketchup for the American part.

As a birthday gift, Jack had suggested to get him his own golf set. Looked like it was the right gift. That is, when I look at the big smile he had when unwrapping it.
We live next to the course and the two of them have been going out a few times to hit some balls. My son seems to enjoy it and since it is so close by, we want to encourage him to go.
And who knows, maybe I will borrow the set sometime and try to hit some.

This fall, when my parents and sister were here for a visit, they also tried it and seemed to have enjoyed it very much.

Hard to believe that he is already 15 and it will only be a year before he can legally learn how to drive...
I think I prefer him learning how to play golf instead.
No need to grow up that fast.


houndstooth said...

I'm glad he had a good birthday! I like the chocolate trend myself, too! I think he has good taste!

B. said...

LOL plus, if he becomes a pro, he can also just drive a golf cart instead of a real car, and stay on the green for the rest of his life;-)