Sunday, March 15, 2009

60 days

Exactly 60 days ago today we got our first NOA.
And in those 60 days every bit of information we got on the procedure, the length of it, changed.
We have seen people being approved in less than 90 days, which makes you wonder, how close are we getting?
Will we be the lucky ones that get it all done fast and without too much trouble?
Or will we be like those couples who are waiting for 6 months now on their approval.

In the meantime I am just trying to get ready for it from my side, Jack from his side.
Most things have to be done here, but with a visit coming up, Jack made the appointment with the school my son will be going to.

One of the hardest things I had to do up to now is giving up most of my volunteer work.
Since I was in the board of GINN, it wasn't something I just could drop and walk away from. Some time ago we were so lucky to find someone who would be doing great taking over the lead, so we started working together and 2 weeks ago she officially took over the job.
After 9 years of volunteer work, of which around 5 years it was an almost full time job, it feels strange to come home and not turn on the pc because I have to.
Believe me, I still do turn on the pc, out of habit.
But instead of 50 to 80 e-mails to answer, there are maybe 10 a day now, of which 3 at least are spam.
LOL, I shouldn't complain, GINN is in great hands with a wonderful board, people who over the years became friends to me.
But the last week I did get a touch of the empty nest syndrome.
Which got worse since my right arm still is pretty useless.

I need to find stuff to do. First I tried watching tv, but I found out that even though the amount of channels may have more than doubled, 2 times nothing is still nothing.
And the news still is just as depressing as it was 5 years ago. Unfortunately reading isn't working either since my eyes aren't what they used to be.

I'm playing Bubbels
Left handed. And I am getting pretty darn good at it.

Oh, and Cara found the covers I put in the flight kennels today and decided that it makes a good place to curl up.
She is also getting ready.

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