Friday, March 20, 2009

We are planning a wedding

Eeks, I know, I am in shock also.
But I guess we are, actually planning a wedding.

If you want to find out more about white dresses and flower arrangements...
Don't look here.
We'll do it our way.

More to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

oh wow!!! how exciting!!! will you get married here or in the States? will you get married before you're moving there?

have fun with the preparations!


Bibi said...

Spannend!! wij zijn vorig jaar getrouwd en nog steeds ben ik best wel in de ban van weddings. Geweldig vond ik het, als je tips nodig hebt, dan hoor ik het wel!:-)

Laura said...

All I can say... DOEN! :)

Mazzel Tov from the bottom of my heart.

Don't listen to any negative people. Negative is in the past. Been there, done that.