Thursday, June 18, 2009

And we have a DATE!!!

When I came home from work today I found another envelope, our fourth package.
In it another envelope that I am not allowed to open and our interview date:

27th of July 2009

Will we really be moving within two weeks after that date???


Jenny said...

I found your blog while browsing through emigration information. I had my K1 interview last week and I'll move to Philadelphia in August. On the interview day I first handed over the paperwork to a consulate clerk and later I met the consul. He asked only what the name of my fiancé was and that was it. He didn't ask for proof of our relationship at all. I swore that I told the truth and he congratulated me with my visa. All together it had taken 5 minutes at the most. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that's exciting!!! Have the dogs already got used to sleeping in theit Sky-kennels? How many did you have afain?
It is certainly the perfect period for your son's school! Is it it the States also possible to get ESL education - English as a second language, like they have in Australia? My daughter could attend the regular classes, but then she had lived among Americans here in Coevorden, from NATO, for more than a year, so she was really fluent.
Looking forward to all your stories!!!


Bibi said...

We did show them pictures of us together to proof our relationship but they didn't really look at them.
Still it's exiting but a weight of your shoulders when it's over.:-)