Sunday, June 14, 2009

DS-230, DS-156, DS-156K, DS2000, I-134 and more

The moment I opened up the envelope, I totally freaked out.
All these forms to fill in, most of them twice and than for me and my son twice also.
In that first phonecall with Jack after I received the envelope he must have thought I was losing it.

It took me two days to figure out what they wanted from me and I had it: 'op een rijtje' as we say here.
And Sunday evening I mailed the first forms back to Amsterdam. In the same time Jack had sent me other forms I needed to proof that we won't become a public charge to the US. Those papers and a lot of other things I had to sign off a checklist that I had to send back to the consulate as soon as I had it together.
After they receive that they will schedule our interview.
Could send that list last Friday.
Not bad eh? LOL, for a person who freaked out I mean.

One thing that isn't mentioned on all the papers is the fact that I need permission for my ex to take my son with me. And my guess was they would like to see something at the interview.
Since the consulate only takes phonecalls in the morning, I had to take a day off work and call them. They were so friendly and gave me all info I needed.
And yes, I need some proof, so next Friday it is off to the notary for the signing of a letter of consent.

Really, I am so grateful on how smooth things go with my ex, I can't imagine how horrible it must be if you have to fight for every little thing if it concerns the kids.

And since I had the day off...I decided to get my vaccinations done also.
Boy, that turned out to be a scare initially. After calling the pharmacy they told me the BMR (MMR) would cost me 193 euro's.
Luckily that turned out to be a little mistake their side, for both vaccinations I ended up paying just over 50 euro's. I even may get some back from my health insurance.
Getting the vaccinations was no fun, I know now why little kids cry with the BMR, it hurts, but the other one DTP, is mean afterwards, right now my right arm has a nice lump on it and feels pretty sore.
But hey, the things we do for love...

Anyway, a whole lot got done this week, a lot of money spent also for birth certificates, pictures, vaccines and other stuff, but for the moment I think I have things ready.

Now it is up to the consulate again to provide us with our interview date.
And please, can that be halfway next month????


Anonymous said...

en zo kom je elke dag een stapje dichterbij!!


Bibi said...

So exiting and such a process. It's a bit of work to go through all the papers and it took us some time to get everything gathered but our interview was over in five minutes.
At first we were thinking about hiring a immigration attorney because we both had very little time, but we're glad we didn't, it wouldn't have been worth the money.