Saturday, June 6, 2009

Papers arrived in the Netherlands

We owe you guys an update because a few important steps have been taken the last one and a half week.
First of all, we finally got our second NOA, it was in Jacks mailbox the 28th of May.
What it means is that we were approved and that our application was sent to the American consulate in the Netherlands.
Much to my surprise I found a thick envelope on my doormat exactly a week later containing a lot of forms that I need to fill in and a list of stuff I have to gather for our interview and physical.

The envelope is on my desk for two days now and I have to admit, I am a bit scared of it.
I looked it through several times now and I am having a hard time understanding every thing they ask for or want to know. But we'll get there.
Today Jack and I will go over them, seeing what exactly they need and than see if we can get everything together within a week.
I would like to have all papers back at the consulate at the end of the week so they can schedule our interview.

It also means I need to get vaccinations for myself, my son had everything.
Need to get special sized photo's for the both of us that we need to go to Groningen for. Need to provide evidence of the relationship Jack and I have, which shouldn't be a problem at all :-) and a lot of questions need to be answered on the papers I got this week.

From now on we are going to be very busy with preparing for the interview and our move to the US which we hope will be somewhere around the end of the summer vacation.

Yikes, we are talking weeks now instead of months...

(btw, I hope to do a blog entry about our last visit to the US soon. Have been too busy since I got an official job recently)


Bibi said...

Yeah that lovely paperwork and all those questions and forms and things they want to know. Good luck, I was overwhelmed by it at first but I'm glad that my husband helped me.
But why do you have to go to Groningen for the special sized picture? I thought any photographer can take one if you show m the downloadable photo instructions?

Anonymous said...



Petra said...

I did ask about the special sized pics here in the little village that I live.
The moment I saw their faces when I asked, I decided to go to town. There is a photographer that is specialized in this type of photography. They keep up to date with the rules also.

And it is a good excuse for a cup of coffee under the Martinitoren.