Monday, October 29, 2007

First impressions

It is already a week ago that we came back from Florida.
The little bit of color we got in our faces is already fading, wish the same would go for the kilo's I gained over there. Unfortunately I will have to work really hard for those.
Yesterday Jack showed the pictures he made and I loved them, special the ones he made of my son. If I try to make his picture he runs off, but he was to busy keeping an eye on the where abouts of my camera that Jack could make them un noticed at times.
He caught a few huge smiles.

I think it time to tell about my first impressions of the US.
Not that it is fair when the first visit is to Disney world, but keeping that in mind, here we go.
First of all I was warned, through many websites and personal experiences from people I know that it was very, very important to make sure that our visa waivers were filled exactly right. The people at customs should be taken seriously.
Got to hear horror stories from people being kept apart and questioned for hours, missing next flights.

Well, I made some mistakes filling in the visa waiver, so in the end, mine was a messy piece of paper. Arriving at the airport we had to split up in groups, which was done by a lady in uniform who made her lack in height forgotten through her loud voice and stern look on her face.
So when it was our turn to approach the counter, I was already a bit nervous wondering what kind of questions we would get.
When the person behind the counter finally looked up from my messy piece of paper he asked if it was the first time I filled in a visa waiver. To which I only could say yes.
The man turned out to be friendly enough, asking a few questions and than he noticed my neck less. Much to my surprise he asked what kind of dog it was, so I told him it was a Spanish greyhound. Before I knew we were talking greyhounds, LOL.
Kind of fits to the way Jack and I met.

Off course there is the occasional rude person but overall I found people to be very polite and helpful, much more than over here.

Next time more, but for now a picture that shows we actually were in Disney world.

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