Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We celebrated earlier at Disney. First time for my son and me and something we really enjoyed.
In some ways it reminds me of our Sint Maarten on the 11th of Nov. but there are a lot of differences also.
It was fun to watch complete families being dressed up, special when the costumes seemed to fit so well. Like in case of the big family I had a chance to study for some time. Mom was dressed up as the wicked stepmother from Snow white, the kids were all dressed up as various fairytale figures and Dad was dressed as one of the dwarfs.
After watching the interaction between Mom and Dad, I felt pity for Dad. It was clear that the mother had picked out his costume.
But best was the group of people that was walking through the Magic Kingdom dressed as ghosts. They had made their costumes themselves and it was so wonderfully done.
Anyway, for those who go out to night, have fun!

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