Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yup, we are back alright.

And there is a good reason for posting the video clip earlier today.
Before going I was afraid I might never get "It is a small world" out of my mind but the music we heard best part of the day was the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.
And I have to say, that one is better to digest.

Besides that, we had a wonderful time. It took my son some time to acclimatize, a lot of new things happened for him, but after that he had fun taking Jack into rollercoasters and other wild stuff. At a certain point I had to let them go, my fear of heights is a bit worse than theirs.

Rightnow I am still busy to get vacation stuff out of the way, laundry and all the little things I don't want to throw out yet because it reminds me of such good times.
Still can't believe that Jack and I as adults went around Trick or Treating.

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