Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting our feet wet...

It was a vacation, within our vacation.
During the four weeks we visited Jack, he had to work most of the time. Not something that we had planned, but since he had just started in the new office it had to be that way. Even for the week in Cape May, he brought his laptop and called in every day.
And than he found that his laptop wasn't working.
Best thing that could have happened. Now he was forced to relax.

For my son and me, it was our first beach vacation and for me it turned out to be one of my best vacations ever.
The house Jack rents every year is great, the dogs can come, have a yard to run in. It has a large deck that has enough shade most of the day. And in the garage you can find all you need for a nice day on the beach.

Cape May in it self is a beautiful place.
Filled with Victorian houses it has a really cozy atmosphere and Jack and I spent hours just walking around, looking at the beautiful houses and their gardens.
And after the hottest part of the day passed, the beach it was.
Bringing books to read and games to play.
Than back to the house for a nice meal, some drinks and than back to the beach with the dogs for a walk while enjoying a gorgeous sunset.

Does it sound like I loved it?
Yup, you're right. Had the time of my life.I mean, I got to see dolphins play so close, it felt I could touch them.

Bet Jack can say one or two things about it also.

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