Sunday, August 31, 2008

Being A Beach Bum

I have always loved going to the beach. It is the one place that as soon as I get my feet wet, feel the sand under my toes and hear the constant pounding of the waves, I can forget what is going on in the rest of the world and relax into those thoughts and dreams that slow life down and let you really enjoy the moment.

I was anxiously hoping that Petra would like it and when I realized that she not only liked it but loved it then I was thrilled. I think we will continue to make a trip to Cape May every year to get our time to just be beach bums and curl up in a beach chair and read a few good books, take long walks on the beach with the dogs and watch the sun set over the water marking the end of another great day in paradise.

Cape May is my favorite spot for many reasons, one important one being that it is relatively close to where I live. It is historic and the town is very scenic. I have found as Petra said, a great dog friendly house that I rent so being without the pups is not a question. And, what you have there that you don't at most shore locations are beaches on both the east, (Atlantic) side and on the west, (Delaware Bay) side where every night you are treated to a quiet walk and beautiful sunsets.

What I hope though is that besides making a trip to Cape May every year we can see some of the other wonderful beaches we have here on the east coast of the US. While many of the popular spots are over-run with hotels and attractions built right on the shoreline and in my opinion, terribly ugly and commercial, we still have great isolated strethes of beach that are worth exploring. I hope I can show Petra and her son the rugged coast of Maine, the big strethes of remote sand dunes on Cape Cod and the interesting wild horses and ponies that have occupied Assateague Island for 350 years now. Lot's to see and I can't wait to show.


Petra (visiting my sister) said...

Love the way you talk about the beach and forgetting the rest of the world.
Having experienced it now, I can't wait to go back.

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Anonymous said...

wow looks great!