Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it possible?

To come 'home' to a place that is thousands of miles away from the place you are born?
Because if that is so, than that would explain my feeling of being homesick. I can't describe it any other way. That knot in my stomach isn't because of a jetlag, which by the way is very much there also.

I guess what I want to say is that I felt so very much at home those 4 weeks with Jack.
Never an awkward moment with Jack, not that I am surprised about that. I don't think we had them ever again after the first time we met.
But this time I got a better feel on how life in the US is, got a bit of a taste and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised. Of course there are differences and things to get used to being an European. But different doesn't always mean bad.

What surprised me the most was how easy it was to get used to the heat, because 'HOT' it was. I don't think we got more than 4 days under 30 degrees Celsius. But after taking it slow for the first few days it wasn't really a problem. And as Jack mentioned, even the beach agreed with me. Even better, I never expected too love it this much. We did have to keep an eye on my son, who did get a sunburn even though we covered him in sun lotion. But after avoiding the hottest times, he was doing fine also.

Now we are back here and I miss being there.
Guess what, it rained when the plane hit the runway in Amsterdam and it is about 10 degrees colder here.
I did bring a lot of memories back with me, hope they will be enough to keep us and you busy until the next meeting.

For now I just wanted to explain why I didn't write anything yet, because I didn't want it to be over.

Yes, I am homesick alright!


Anonymous said...


I totally understand. I am still hit by homesickness for the States, when I see pictures such as these! Even after almost three years and even though I don't have a loved one waiting there.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful time together! Do you have any interesting plans for the future?

jack said...

I wish you would be here in about 8 weeks Petra to take that same picture. The fields will still be green, the sky a bright blue but the trees and the hills will be blazing red and orange as fall comes upon us.
But still no cars on the highway. LOL