Friday, August 22, 2008

Time to start talking

If you would ask me right now what I miss the most now that I am back in Europe, it would be the climate and everything that comes with it.
And before you ask, that comes after Jack off course!!! No question about that.

From what we have experienced these two visits, I love it. From what Jack tells me, we have been there in the two most extreme months, temperature wise. And both I could handle fine. Temperatures far above 30 degrees Celsius weren't a huge problem because of the air conditioning in the house and outside it maybe humid some days, but not half as bad as we get here usually.
And yes, it does rain there. But not like here, it rains and the sun returns, it gets nice and warm again and it is like someone up there just decided to water the plants.

We're back here for 1,5 weeks now and I miss the warmth of the sun. From the moment we came from the plane we had rain every day. My backyard looks like a swimming pool and the snails are having a ball with the few flowers that didn't drown yet.
The birch in the back is heavy because of all the water on the leafs.

Have to be honest though, it isn't always like this, we do have nice after summers and sometimes we get a real nice summer also. But our climate is a lot wetter and the chance on a spoiled summer is eminent in our little country.

So yes, I miss the climate, the fact that the weather is much more stable, summer is summer, it is warm or hot, you have thunderstorms and after the rain, it dries up again.

Sigh, that is how I like it.
Wearing shorts and flip flops for months.

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