Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What A Month!

Our month together has ended and all I can say is that it was probably the best month of my life. I will let Petra post about her impressions of being here. I think I speak for both of us though when I say that we felt like it was so natural and right to be together. We did a lot of things but most importantly we were just being together as partners and it was great.

The one thing I must say though is that up until the time Petra arrived she was telling me how white her skin was and the trip to the beach at Cape May would probably turn her into a red beet but if we would have stayed just a few days longer at the shore, she would have looked like she lived there all of her life. I can tell that the beach agrees with her and the tan she got in just one week would make many jealous. LOL

I think we will have many trips to the beach in the future.

It's only been one day but I miss you so very much Petra.

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Laura said...

Welcome back Petra. Glad to hear from Jack that you had such a wonderfull time together!!

Can't wait to hear your stories.

Bye xx - Laura