Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy weekend

This will be mostly pics, hope you enjoy them.
Besides hiking with Cara, finding a new vet for the dogs, we also went to Woofstock in Harrisburg,worked in the garden, got ourselves a new patio set with 6 chairs, visited several neighbors and I baked an apple pie.
LOL, reading this one might get tired already.
Anyway, here are some pics to enjoy.

We went to Kings Gap for a hike up the mountain, It was colder than we expected though. Should have brought a sweatshirt.

Cara turnes out to be a great hiker and climber. She loves this and it gives us the opportunity to give her and us, some more exercise.

It won't be long before the whole area will be colored bright red because of the autumnleafs

Hunting can't be avoided overhere.
And these warnings you find everywhere. If we want to keep going to these trails, we better get a few of these bright orange coats and one for Cara soon. Think deer season starts in about two weeks?

Yesterday we went to Woofstock in Harrisburg. A great event that combines music and a lot of animal rescues presenting them selves.
It was very busy, we took both girls and they behaved very well, just like all those other dogs there.
I have never seen so many pittbulls, chihuahua's and great danes in my life.

Paquita taking a moment near the Susquehanna.

The event was on this riverside, stretched from this bridge to the other.

And our new deck furniture. Hope we will get a bit more use out of it this season.

That is it for today, time to enjoy the weather, they say it will change soon.

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