Monday, September 14, 2009

Random pics

Not really back to making pictures, mainly since I don't have a decent pc to work with.
For some reason I have a hard time with the screen that is connected to this pc.
Can't see if the photo's are sharp, not sure if the colors are ok, so, if I show some strange pics, that is why.

We are doing fine here.
My son went to school for his second week and he seems to have a good time there.
This morning we walked him to the bus stop, first time for him.
Off course we didn't walk up all the way with him, I mean, come on, he is fourteen.
But we pretended to walk the dogs.
Sure hope he remembers where he has to get of the bus when he comes home again.

We have taken it pretty slow this weekend.
Did a bit in the garden. Went for groceries, found a garden center, big but still not what I had hoped for. But I guess that is more me being spoiled.
Also took Cara for a hike to Pinchot State Park. She did great on her own and I have a feeling she will turn out to be a perfect hiking buddy for Jack and me.
Yesterday we got in the car and went into the mountains (still think they are hills :-) )We drove on dirt roads for a long time. Scary at some points, but also saw some very pretty sights. There is a lot of forest here and you can drive and walk around for hours.
Although we will avoid that particular part next weekend, the army is having an exercise there and the public isn't invited. Duh.
On the way back we drove through fields that had apple trees heavy with apples.
Right now the peaches are being picked and since shopping hours are broad here, we could pick up some local peaches, yummie.
Anyway, for the people interested, here are a few pics.

De Mums op onze porch

Cara tijdens onze hike

In de heuvels dicht bij huis.

Locally grown, lekkerder is er niet?

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Bibi said...

Locally grown is the best!;-) and did your son find his way back home?