Friday, December 18, 2009

Short, shorter.....

After pushing it ahead of me for weeks, I finally made an appointment with a hairdresser this week.
The number had been given to me by a friendly neighbor after my first experience which ended up in (as it felt to me) a disaster.
Jack, happily unaware of the fact that getting a haircut at the local Holiday Hair might be a good idea for him, no appointment needed, walk in, sit down and be out again in 10 minutes, but for me it turned out to be a bad experience.
I mean, when you know nothing and don't care about nothing, just want it out of your face, than it is fine.
But I need some input, not a bored face and a young girl who cuts of exactly an inch from ' almost' every hair I have.
I need advice and someone who looks like she knows what she does.

Unfortunately, I knew of no hairdressers in the area at that time.
2 days before our wedding....
How I have regretted going there. The girl probably did her best, but I have never had such a bad haircut. In the weeks after, I kept finding longer strings of hair that somehow showed up miraculously and had to be cut off.
Sigh, I should have given myself the 16 dollar it costs.
Which in itself should have told me enough.

So now you probably understand why I had to gather all my courage yesterday to go to the new place.
First impression was good, there were plenty of cars in the parking lot...
Second, it looked like a salon.
Third, they were friendly even though the ladies behind the counter were very busy with their cellphones.

In comparison with the other place, it looked expensive.
And with a difference like that, I started to worry about how much it would cost this time.
And when I was taken to a chair and had my hair washed without asking, it made me even more worried. But, since I was already there and really needed the haircut, (no one would have a space this close to X-mas) I sat tight and hoped for the best.

Even worse, after talking to the girl for a bit, I decided to give her a free hand and let her do what she thought would look good. And, I went a lot shorter this time.

Now Jack keeps telling me that it looks good.
I still have to get used to the new look, no more curly layers, but styled and cut, close to my face.
Somehow it looks really American to me. It is more styled than I am used to and I will not get away with letting it dry naturally after washing.
But I kind of like it.

And much to my amazement it was still a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands.

Sooo, I have found myself a hairdresser.
Who would have thought it was going to be this much of an adventure.


houndstooth said...

I'll bet you look great!

Laura said...

And soooo ... where's the photo??? :D ;) I've been thinking of going very short too, but haven't worked up the courage yet :)

Laura in A'dam

B. said...

Hihi nice story, I wish you placed pics as well but I do get the picture. It's hit and miss with my hair salon. I still dare not go anywhere else but the Walmart hair salon (can you believe it? Walmart?!) It's not so good but I'm afraid to go try any other hair salon, they all look crappy.
I'm very happy for you that you've found one that makes you look presentable. And yeah, those american hairstyles... once you get used to it it's not so bad;-)