Sunday, December 20, 2009

Short hair pics and guess what...snow

Risking you guys running off screaming and getting severe hick-ups after looking, but here are the pics of my new shorter look.
Sigh, really have to start losing weight soon. Sportschool is scheduled for January. Because I gained several kiloos since moving here.
Anyway, make sure you sit down....

Btw, it is really short on the back.

Ok, everyone survived?
Than we go back to our regular stuff, like snow!!!
Just like the Netherlands we got hit with a good amount of snow.
It snowed all day Saturday and we shoveled the driveway at least 8 times to keep on top of it.
Since we didn't need to go anywhere we just sat back and relaxed. We had gotten enough wood on Friday to keep us warm for quite some time, we had our groceries in and didn't have to go anywhere but across the street for a visit with neighbors in the evening.
We ended up with just over a foot of snow and it looks like a winter wonderland now.
Today the roads were clean enough to go x-mas shopping with another neighbor and I had time to soak in the beauty of snow in the mountains. (That is how Jack calls them, I think molehills is more appropriate)

I know, they look far away, but believe me, you don't want to run the roads we drove today, too hard for us flatland people.
Also made a few pics while it snowed.
My son shoveling, he better get used to doing that.
And this girl is waiting for her warm wintercoat that I ordered through this place in the Netherlands. The proceeds go to the Spanish galgo's and I have gotten to know the owner, Elsbeth, as a wonderfull person.

And this is how the house and the yard looked today, enjoy!
(Going to hide under a chair now)

Ohhhh, and I really want one of these...and I have the feeling my son would agree;-)


houndstooth said...

Your hair cut looks lovely!

*gush* It's Kara! I love pictures of that girl!

I am glad you guys got the snow out there and we got a dusting of it here!

Petra said...

Well, it had to fall somewhere and really, I don't mind.
I love the snow.

Think I should do a dogblog one of these days?

Anonymous said...

I survived Petra's hairdo!
Nou, dat valt toch wel mee? Ik vind het wel leuk hoor!
Het pak sneeuw dat bij mij in de regio viel lijkt nog dikker dan dat bij jou daar. Ik dacht eerst dat het een cm. of 15 was. Maar toen ik er in ging lopen...ik gok op 20. Dat had ik hier in jaren niet gezien. Het had hier dan ook vele uren flink gesneeuwd. Nu maar wachten of het nog een tijdje blijft liggen. En het wordt/blijft lopen i.p.v. fietsen.

Anne Marie en Rocky

Anonymous said...

ik llef ook nog en sta rechtop.
ik vind mooi.


Anonymous said...

Staat je hartstikke leuk Peet, je ziet er goed uit!!
En prachtige foto's van het sneeuwlandschap, hier is het ook heel bijzonder maar 30 cm is echt wel genoeg


Laura said...

Your hair looks great! Gives me more courage ... maybe ...

I like your son shoveling snow in his cowboy hat :) :) :)

We got a TON of snow here! Zuki and Zariel like it pretty much, but we don't stay out long.

Laura in A'dam

Laura said...

Your hair looks great! Gives me courage to cut mine ...

I like your son shoveling snow in his cowboy hat :) :) :)

We got a TON of snow here! Zuki and Zariel like it, but we don't stay out long.

Laura in A'dam

Anonymous said...

Het staat je geweldig leuk enne eindelijk sneeuw ....
Groetjes Henny

B. said...

Ik heb het overleefd hoor:-) en ik vind het goed staan.
Leuke foto's ook:-)

姿能林 said...

don't catch a cold..................................................

houndstooth said...

YES! I do think there should be a dog blog! That Kara is too cute not to have one!