Friday, February 26, 2010

It can stop now, thank you very much...

Don't need more snow, we have had plenty.
And certainly no snowstorm with high winds.

Yep, that is right, we are having #3. Not a lot of snow this time, but high winds that are howling around the house and resulting in weird noises coming from the roof and windows.
Son is having another snow day because they can't get all kids save at school 'cause of the drifting snow. So this is day # 3 that he will have to make up for during vacation time.

Guess the only one not being phased by the storm of today is this little guy.
No matter how much the feeder swings in the wind, every time he falls off, he jumps right back on.

But for me, it can stop now, had enough and will never ask for a real winter again, promise!
It is time for other things, like for example our green card.
We did have some , probably, good news, our case was transferred to California. This means we may get our green card without having to do an interview.

Also have the feeling that if they needed more information or are missing paperwork, we would have had a request for it by now.
But, you never know, it is the USCIS we are dealing with.

And something else that I am really excited about. Monday is the start of photography class.  I am doing this with a neighbor and it will be 9 weeks in which I hope to learn the technical basics of using the camera. It also means meeting new people and getting out which will be fun.

Now you know also why it has been pretty quiet on this blog. Being stuck at the house does make me , not depressed, but somehow it feels like I am glued  to my chair and it is hard to get myself moving.
It also makes it hard for me to sit down and write here. But with things to look forward to I am ready to write again.

Part of the excitement we did have recently, wasn't fun. The new dishwasher started leaking and water ruined our new pergo floor. It took several phonecalls, a visit to Lowes and people coming to the house before we had the floor replaced and payed for by the installer. But it finally got done last Saturday.

And than yesterday… highschool parent orientation meeting.
Yup, Dear Son is going to highschool after the summer. And by the time I finally get what they were talking about last night, I'll let you know. Diving into a new schoolsystem is confusing.
But also exiting. Specially since DS is doing so well. Until now his grades are great and he seems to pick up the language pretty fast. At least well enough to start highschool at academic level.
Proud Mom here!

Next time will probably a dog blog, think it is time to give the four legged side of our family a decent introduction.


Kasaka said...

Die eekhoorntjes laten zich door niets afleiden! Als je nog vragen over high school hebt, stel ze gerust. Ik vond het ook abracadabra in het begin.

houndstooth said...

I'm tired of snow, too, and we haven't had as much as you! I hope your son enjoys high school next year. It's an exciting time!