Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not a dog blog

Sorry for the ones who had been hoping for one, but I hope you will forgive me another ' normal' blog entry.
Can give you a teaser though…..
How about this:

Do hope this will get you guys going for a few more days.

Anyway, the reason for a normal blog is the fun evening we had last night.
The highschool my son is going to next year had organized a basketball game to raise money for the girls basketball team.  For this they had invited the Harlem Wizards over. They are a show team and they did a pretty good job.
Originally this would have taken place on Friday, but because of the weather it was moved to Saturday.
Which was the reason we hadn't gotten tickets yet, so we had to get in line.
A long, long line. And as we all know, there is no fun in waiting.
At least, that is how I always felt in the Netherlands. Sometimes here it looks more like an opportunity to meet people. As happened again last night.
The nice thing about the schools here is the amount of things they organize make it easy to meet people from your own neighborhood. And that was what happened last night again. It was fun to get acquainted
with  a few more neighbors and it made waiting a lot easier.

The game was fun, the Wizards put up a great show and involved the audience. They played games with the small kids and some times it got funny enough to laugh out loud, even for a 15 year old.

After the show we still had to eat. Before we left I had cut up a lot of stuff and gotten things ready, so it was pretty easy. Normally I wouldn't mention dinner, but for the people that know me, they know I don't like fish or any type of seafood. But because we all could loose a few pounds (ugh, ugh) we decided to try to eat healthy. And that includes fish.
Sooo, yesterday we had cut up vegetables with Talapia on top. The whole things goes into the oven for about 20 minutes. The trick is: Cajun seasoning. 
This makes fish ok to eat even for me.

For today we hadn't planned much, but Jack mentioned that we could do a Barnes and Noble visit.
Which is always fine with me. But this time we wanted my son with us. He has started reading and had ended his last book, the Road. He does have a few Dutch books left, but wanted English books because to him reading in English is more fun.
I am not totally sure if this has to do with the fact he is dyslectic, but fact is that he finds reading in English a lot easier.
So, off to B&N. It was hard to find something to interest my son, he just started and doesn't like the vampire stuff, Harry Potter or the reality books. But after talking it through a bit we found a Tom Clancy and Dan Brown book he wants to try.

Next to B&N is another favorite of mine. Pier One Imports, they remind me of Xenos, but a lot more expensive. This time I found a nice oil lamp, something I had wanted to get for quite some time now.
I have to say, it is quite funny to hear your son say: Jack, make her buy it, she likes it but never gets it.

So, now it is Sunday evening, I am typing away here, Jack is making taco's, son is playing games and the hockey game between Canada and the US is on.
Jack is for the US, I want Canada to win. 

And Canada wins!!!

One last thing, yesterday, before the highschool event it was the first time I witnessed the standing up for the national anthem. Something that hadn't happened yet to me. Remember, I am a stay at home mom right now. My son gets that every morning.
I have to say, it was strange to experience it. We live here.
Exactly 6 months now, but it isn't home totally….yet.
I was rooting for Mark instead of Shani.

But it was funny to see take Jack his cap off, it is one of the rare moments he will.


houndstooth said...

I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year! I felt so bad for the Dutch skater whose coach told him to go into the wrong lane. I was impressed by the good sportsmanship of the US competitors that I saw this year, too. (I didn't see a lot of others, but most of those I did see represented themselves very well, too!)

I do love the community aspect of schools here! I guess I always just assumed that it would be something that was universal everywhere.

I can't believe you taunted us with promises of the Little White Monster and then didn't put her in! Oh, for shame! :P

Petra said...

What a great picture! Doggy feet in relax mode.

B. said...

Gezellig verslagje:-), grappig dat je zoon makkelijker in het engels leest.
Heb je die olielamp uiteindelijk ook gekocht?