Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon, the sequel

an they are calling it already.
Another major snowstorm is hitting us and we are stuck.
Interstates are closed because of the danger and no one should be out if at all possible.

And by now, it isn't funny anymore.
Last night we already got a phonecall from my sons school, they are closed today.
By than it had already started snowing and it looked like we would get a fair amount.

But I didn't expect this.
Since we were getting nowhere I got to sleep in, when I woke up around 9-9:30, we already had close to a foot (30 cm)
It is now 1:30 pm and it is still snowing. But we will leave the measuring to someone else.
Unless we have to, we are not going out.
The wind is starting to blow the snow into dunes and I can now believe that people can get lost near their homes.
When we took the dogs out some time ago, we couldn't see a thing at moments.

And to think I used to hope for this type of weather every winter.

A few pics from our yard, since I am not taking a camera outside right now.
Hell, I am not going outside unless one of the dogs is in danger of exploding.

blik op ons stroompje

                                                   onze achtertuin

vanuit de voordeur gezien. (net geschept)

Video van vanmiddag

Video van vanmiddag waarin de vogeltjes ondanks de storm blijven vliegen.


Kasaka said...

I feel your pain! Ik heb er ook echt genoeg van! Hebben jullie honden het niet heel koud in dit weer?

houndstooth said...

And I thought we'd get to see pictures of the little white monster romping in the snow! It has to melt away sometime!

Petra said...

The dogs are really cold, except for Paquita.
But they all get their coats on and shouldn't be too bad.
I'll try for some pics of the Little White Monster tomorrow, but it is sad to see her shaking and being too cold too move.
But than, she has a huge appetite for snow, what is up with that, she can't stop eating it.

Petra said...

Wouw wat een sneeuw!